The Trust Board is the governing body of the Otago Museum, established under the Otago Museum Trust Board Act 1996.

The Act designates the role and responsibilities of the Trust Board, as well as how it is formed. The appointing bodies are the Dunedin City Council; the combined District Councils of Central Otago, Clutha and Waitaki; the University of Otago; the Association of Friends of the Otago Museum; the Otago Institute; and Manawhenua (the local Māori community).

Chair: Mr Graham Crombie
Deputy Chair: Councillor Kate Wilson

Associate Professor Peter Dearden
Councillor Gaynor Finch
Associate Professor David Hutchinson
Mrs Julie Pearse
Councillor Neville Peat
Councillor Chris Staynes
Professor Paul Tapsell
Professor John Broughton

Treasurer/Accountant: Mr Mike Horne (Deloitte)
Deputy Treasurer/Accountant: Mrs Lisa Wilson (Deloitte)
Secretary: Mrs Jane Gregory
Otago Museum Director: Dr Ian Griffin