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419 Great King Street Dunedin, New Zealand

Bugs: The Mega World of Minibeasts


Special Exhibitions Gallery
20 December 2014 – 10 May 2015

The small but mighty, the misunderstood but essential, the weird and the wonderful – bugs were the stars of this exhibition that showcased over 800 pinned and wet specimens from the Museum's natural science collection.

Our mega world of minibeasts highlighted different kinds of bug bodies, eating habits and abilities (from metamorphosis to camouflage), as well as their importance to our world.

A plethora of hands-on experiences awaited visitors of all ages. In the Bug Gym, they spun silk like a silkworm using rope/pulley system delivered via mouth of large model silkworm, tested their strength against a dung beetle by pushing a giant dung ball and compared how high they could jump against various bugs.

Two touchscreens allowed visitors to create a digital pinning board that they could email to themselves. Channel Ento showcased four mini-documentaries (with bee artificial insemination as one of the topics!) filmed specially for the exhibition, and the Cicada Chorus touchscreen included sound files of eight different cicada.

Three exhibits featured real live bugs: huhu (New Zealand native beetles), cockroaches (that visitors could observe and record) and dung beetles (making tunnels and eating poo).

Exhibition statistics:

40 243 visitors
2000+ virtual pinning boards sent from Pin Me, Place Me
9962 Bug Brother cockroach observations
10 000+ plays of Cicada Sounds (soon to be installed in Nature)