Special Exhibitions

Hotere Intersections

Intersections: Ceramics from Ralph Hotere’s Personal Collection

Free exhibition, 1877 Gallery
Saturday 21 March–Sunday 6 September
Winner Animal Under14 Chester Rosie

2015 Otago Wildlife Photography Exhibition

4 June–27 September 2015
Free exhibition, Special Exhibitions Gallery



Discovery World Tropical Forest

Switch on to science in Discovery World and enter the Tropical Forest to explore a rainforest filled with hundreds of beautiful butterflies.
Tangata Whenua4

Tāngata Whenua

The Tāngata Whenua Gallery tells the story of Southern Māori life and mythology through treasured objects, dioramas and a creation story film.
Animal Attic6

Animal Attic

In this Victorian-inspired ‘museum within the Museum’, nearly 3,000 historical specimens showcase the diversity of the animal kingdom.


Opened in 1973, the Maritime Gallery contains over 50 model ships, original ships' flags, ships' bells and an historic Fin whale skeleton.
People of the World3

People of the World

Home to rare and wonderful objects including our Egyptian mummy, this gallery spans peoples and cultures from around the globe.

Southern Land, Southern People

Southern Land, Southern People illustrates the uniqueness, diversity and dynamic character of the Southern region of New Zealand.
Pacific Cultures4

Pacific Cultures

A trip to the Pacific Cultures Gallery is an encounter with a wide variety of rare and special objects including a moai from Rapa Nui (Easter Island).


These galleries tell the story of Otago's wildlife, from birds, insects and fish to the seals, sea lions and albatrosses of the Otago Peninsula.