Open daily, 10am–5pm, Free

419 Great King Street Dunedin, New Zealand

Our Place in Space

Decile 1-5 – no charge
Decile 6-10 - $5.00 per student, 1 free adult per 6 students, extra adults $10 each

Perpetual Guardian Planetarium

Visit the state-of-the-art Perpetual Guardian Planetarium and put the universe within your students’ reach.

We explore the planets of our solar system and the phenomena that make our universe what it is. Learn about our sun and solar system, the phases of the moon, the life cycle of stars, and the Māori and Greek myths associated with different constellations.


The Perpetual Guardian Reach for the Stars programme provides support for the attendance of low decile (1–4) and rural schools. To book or to learn more, contact the Education team.


Curriculum links

Science: Planet Earth and Beyond

Levels: 1–5