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The winners of the 16th Otago Wildlife Photography Competition have been chosen! 

 View still and moving images of animals, plants and environmental impacts as captured by Otago’s amateur photographers and videographers.

4 June–27 September 2015
Free exhibition, Special Exhibitions Gallery

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14 and Under
Highly Commended – Katie Gipp
Highly Commended – Callum Steele
Winner – Chester Rosie
15 and Over
Highly Commended – Fready Pius
Highly Commended – Val Pohio
Winner – Gary Speer

Environmental Impact

14 and Under
Highly Commended – Maya Berg
Highly Commended – Will Nelson
Winner – Liam Connolly 
15 and Over
Highly Commended – Allison Booth
Highly Commended – Hartley Patrick
Winner – Nicola Pye


14 and Under
Highly commended – Alex van der Weerden
Highly commended – Maya Berg
Winner – Alex van der Weerden
15 and Over
Highly commended – Emilio Dos Santos
Highly Commended – Sharon Cook
Winner – Colin Walkington


Highly Commended –Brian Templeton
Winner – Brian Anderson

Jury Prize – Harry Dean
Overall Winner – Chester Rosie

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