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Lamp, Oil, F47.4

Physical Description

Brass multi-nozzled lamp. Globular body with raised, wide, circular filling-hole. Concave base with small central pin held in place on the inside by square nut. Six evenly spaced nozzles radiate around the bowl, rising horn-like to circular tips. Exterior of each nozzle decorated in relief, underneath with five pairs of locks of hair, and at the tips with lion-masks facing outwards, each carrying interlinked chains in their mouths; five of the original six chains survive. Between each pair of nozzles a mask of a winged, beardless head (Hypnos?). Pierced suspension lugs sit on top of three of the nozzles, carrying chains which link up to a single ring.




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 74 x 225 x 225mm

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