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Refining How We Measure Our World

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Beautiful Science gallery and Barclay Theatre

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Public Talk

Ampere, kelvin, second, metre, kilogram, candela, mole – some of these words are familiar, but do you know what they are collectively?

These are the seven base quantities of the universally-recognised measurement system – the International System of Units, known as the SI. SI is the globally-agreed basis for expressing measurements at all levels of precision, and in all areas of science, technology, and human endeavour. And on 20 May 2019 this SI system gets fundamentally redefined.

Learn from the New Zealand Measurement Standards Laboratory (MSL) and guest speakers about the groundbreaking science behind these changes and the innovation launch pad it enables.

In partnership with the Dodd-Walls Centre.

This is a free public event but you must be over 18 to attend. Space is limited, please register early.

MSL is also running a competition to see how far New Zealand Commonwealth gold medallist Julie Ratcliffe can throw the one kilogram standard. Prizes are up for grabs so check out the video and competition details at SI Roadshow Competition.

3pm, 21 March, register at