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From pinned insects to antiquities, Japanese armour to moa eggs – the Otago Museum collection holds more than 1.5 million items. 

We use these items to create exhibitions and displays, make them accessible to researchers for study, and share them with the world through our online collection.

We believe in the power of knowledge to break down barriers, inspire change and spark creativity. So, we're making our collection available online and we enable researchers around the world to access our collection in the hopes their work will create and disseminate knowledge, and add value to our collection.

We're in the process of cataloguing and digitising every item in our collection. This includes updating scientific names, as taxonomy is constantly being revised to reflect our understanding of how the natural world is organised.

Our online collection is constantly growing, so check back to see how we're going.



We provide access to our collection online or in person. 

 Otago Museum Access Policy

To request in-person access, fill out and submit one of the forms below. Access requests are granted at the Museum's discretion.

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 Otago Museum Collection Policy


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