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Tūhura Otago Museum and all its business units will close on 26 September, our national memorial day for Queen Elizabeth II

Seaweek 2016: Museum Style


We’re diving into (sorry) Seaweek 2016 with a sea-ries (so sorry) of activities at the Octagon all day today.

Members of our Collections and Research team and our Science Engagement team are setting up camp in Genetics Otago’s Lab-in-a-Box on Monday 29 February with hands-on science:

  • put sand from beaches around Dunedin under a microscope to see what it really looks like (spoiler: way prettier than you might think!)
  • learn about marine mammal skulls, comparing and contrast them with our own skulls using your arts and crafts skills
  • check out a collection of beachcombed treasures and learn what shells you’re running across during your beach trips, and how to identify them

It's all free and you're guaranteed a sea-riously good time (I promise I will stop now) so head down to the Octagon to celebrate Seaweek with science.