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Striking a Balance – Zoe

Zoe Revell Lynch

Zoe Revell-Lynch (15), Columba College


My name is Zoe and I’m a 15 year old at Columba College, Dunedin. I was born and grew up in the UK, moving to New Zealand when I was 11. I’ve always had a passion for marine life and the ocean, having dreams of being a marine biologist from a very young age and wanting to study how climate change is affecting our oceans. As I grew up, I learnt more and more about climate change and the threat our planet is facing, and this compelled me to want to make a change; in any way I could. 

For me one of the most important and upsetting aspects of climate change is inequality. This problem has many different facets: inequality in resources, inequality in government action, inequality in consequences, inequality in population numbers, and the list goes on. In our exhibition we are trying to cover as many aspects of inequality in climate change as we can, trying to help visitors understand why this is such a huge issue and why action needs to be taken now. Different people around the world have experienced the repercussions of climate change in very different ways: our oceans are dying and this affects people around the world who rely on the oceans to sustain their way of life. Same for the rainforests and arctic, not everyone has the luxury of being in a position to do something about it, and we have taken that for granted. 

I’m part of the stories group, the group in charge of the section of the exhibition focused on stories and interviews from different people who have been impacted by climate change and are making a change. With this part of the exhibition, we aim to inspire you with personal accounts of people helping to change our future and also hope you leave with the information and drive to make a difference. 

It’s time to use your status in the world to save our planet. We can all make a change; big or small, it all counts. We need you, the world needs you, you need you.