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Eastern moa, Emeus crassus, AV7504

Physical Description

Desiccated neck with skin and feather shafts. One side is open, showing 6 articulated vertebrae attached to the skin. 1 loose vertebra.


The Rediscovery of Earnscleugh Cave; Peter Bristow
A Description of the Earnscleugh Moa Cave; Captain Fraser
On Recent Moa Remains in New Zealand; Sir James Hector
Quaternary fossil faunas of Otago, South Island, New Zealand; Trevor Worthy


Discovery announced by James Hector to the Otago Institute. Sir James Hector
AV7504 belonged to Dr. Thomson, of Clyde, who obtained it from a gold-miner, forwarded it to James Hector for description (Hector 1871 Transactions of the New Zealand Institute). Sir James Hector
"Must assume location is Earnscleugh Cave" Trevor Worthy

Field Collection


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (a - Neck with 6 vertebrae attached): 140 x 390 x 200mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (b - Single vertebra): 80 x 130 x 110mm

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