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Gould's Petrel, Pterodroma leucoptera, AV936

Physical Description

Study skin of grey and white sea bird lying on its back, with the body in a straight line with the head and tail. The head is tilted so the beak is pointing up. Legs are crossed in front of the tail and tied together with string at the ankle. Wings are folded against the body. A length of supporting wire is extended from the abdominal cavity along the line of the tail.


Gould's Petrel from Dunedin city; D. Hawke

Field Collection

Recovered from under a truck in South Dunedin and handed into the Portobello Marine Laboratory. Bird was weak but in good condition, but died over night (19-20 Dec 1988).


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 65 x 65 x 315mm
Length: 310mm
Length (Wingspan): 710mm
Length (Wing): 230mm
Length (Tail): 95mm
Length (Tarsus): 29.1mm
Length (Mid-toe and claw): 37.5mm
Length (Bill): 26.4mm
Depth (Bill): 10.7mm
Width (Bill): 12mm
Weight: 125g

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