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Sword, Scabbard, D24.2315

Physical Description

Long, thin, slightly curved single-edged blade. Widest 1/3 from point, narrowing to damaged (twisted) point and to hilt, widens at hilt. Triangular cross-section, false double-edge from 1/2-way to point. Straight, wide, back, engraved, brass inlaid. Blade engraved, inlaid brass chevrons, stylised mummy (?) near hilt. Small iron hilt, engraved inlaid brass, unguarded. One-sided animal head pommel; slightly damaged. Small, broken projection on top. Wooden scabbard carved with 'zig-zag' and floral patterns, two leather belts on projecting wooden mounts, strengthened four iron belts. Registered provenance 'Nepal' but c.f. Stone pp. 235-6, fig. 291 'Flyssa' or national sword of the Kabyles of Morocco.



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