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Necklace, D88.179

Physical Description

Necklace is composed of 44 beads. 43 of the beads are of the same general shape, colours, and designs. Each of the 43 beads is of a generally mahogany red colour with swirls of blue and white running the circumference. 4 - 6 white dots appear nearer the ends of each bead. The beads are roughly round in shape. The 43 beads may be imports, but the irregularity of the beads suggests they are hand made. The 44th bead is of a general white appearance with a deep yellow line running the circumference towards each end. A thin twisted 'ribbon' of red, white, & blue runs the circumference at the middle and at each end. This bead gives the appearance of much wear, and being hand made. It too is of a roughly round shape. A twisted red string of many tiny bright red fibres runs through each of the beads forming the strand. A metal (silver/nickle) spring loaded clasp joins the strands.




Maximum Length: 517mm

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