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Bead, D92.30

Physical Description

One large piece of turquoise is set into a thick brass base. This base is elaborately decorated with a cone attached to each end of it, each containing one small piece of turquoise. There are four small pieces of turquoise on either side of the rest of the base as well, making a total of ten small turquoise pieces altogether. A hole is evident, extending through the middle of this bead from the centre of one cone to the same on the opposite cone. The back of this bead contains a stamp or coin-like piece of metal which has been fixed over the bottom of the bead's base with a dark brown resin. This resin exhibits fingerprints. The piece of metal has a star and some words printed on it. L


Item was previously on loan to: Otago Museum


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 27 x 52 x 38mm

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