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Amphora, Neck, E48.227

Physical Description

Description from "Greek Vases in the Otago Museum":
Neck amphora. Light orange in colour, with two black moulded handles either side of neck. Slight pedestal foot, black in colour. Decorated in black, white and red slip, of Herakles playing the kithara, wearing a lion skin. Behind figure is Athena. Hermes stands in front of him. On the other side, a soldier, Hector?, moving right carries a shield and two spears. He is being farewelled by his father and mother. Lotus and palmette decoration around bottom of body. Tongue decoration around shoulder.


Handbook to the Greek Vases in the Otago Museum; Mr J K Anderson
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum; Mr J Green, Union Academique Internationale


Purchased at auction of: A.B. Cook collection


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 314 x 167 x 157mm

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