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Hydria, E50.108

Physical Description

Description from "Greek Vases in the Otago Museum":
Hydria with three handles, black/dark brown in ground colour and painted with an orange and dark red scenes. The shoulder shows a fight between two spearmen; one with a Boetian shield turns to run. The other carries a round shield; the manner of holding it is clearly shown. On either side is an archer in barbarian dress, looking back as he runs away. The body depicts Athena driving the chariot in which she is bringing Herakles (with lion skin and club) to take his place among the Gods on Olympus. Apollo (with lyre), Dionysus, and Hermes (head missing) are in attendance.


Handbook to the Greek Vases in the Otago Museum; Mr J K Anderson
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum; Mr J Green, Union Academique Internationale


Chosen by: Dr W Carmalt Jones
Carmalt Jones advised by: Prof Bernard Ashmole
From the Sir Francis Cook Collection


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 480 x 370 x 290mm

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