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Oinochoe, E54.80

Physical Description

By the Shuvalov Painter.
Description from 'Greek Vases in the Otago Museum': "Oinochoe with pedestal foot, heart shaped body, high flattened shoulders, wide neck with flaring mouth and high strap handle. Black glaze decorated with Athenian cavalryman leaving for war. Figure wears a short cloak fastened on the right shoulder by a large, round brooch. Broad rimmed cavalry hat pushed back. Laced boots. In left hand holds two spears, in right hand a shallow dish. Faces a woman holding a jug. Woman is dressed in a long loose dress pinned at each shoulder and girdled at the waist. Figures are bordered top and bottom with band of tongues. Palmette and fronds at base of handle".

Research Notes

Attic Red-Figure wine jug (oinochoe), ca. 450-420 BC. Typical Athenian departure scene, in which the male youth is bid farewell by a woman (probably his mother). The two offer a libation in hopes of his safe return from battle —Dr Daniel Osland


Handbook to the Greek Vases in the Otago Museum; Mr J K Anderson


Presented through National Art Collections Fund
From the collection of Mrs Agnes Barden


Painter: The Shuvalov Painter


Height: 167mm

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