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Gourd, Sculpture, F2013.29

Physical Description

Set of six decorated gourds with two types of surface covering; small sequins and shimmer discs. Four are dried gourds and two polyurethane gourd forms.

a. Black sequins with cord attached through the gourd then knotted and glued, approximately 410mm.
b. Gun metal grey coloured shimmer discs with a diameter of approximately 35mm.
c. Royal blue sequins over polyurethane cast.
d. Silver shimmer discs with a diameter of approximately 35mm.
e. Pink sequins over a double gourd form.
f. Dark pink sequins.

Two replacement gourds were required due to pins rusting in some of the originals.


Exhibited in the 2012 Bottled Lightening exhibition at the The Gus Fisher Gallery, Centre for New Zealand Art Research and Discovery


Maker: Reuben Paterson


Height (a - Black Sequin): 410mm
Diameter (a - Black Sequin): 190mm
Height (b - Grey Shimmer Disc): 460mm
Diameter (b - Grey Shimmer Disc): 160mm
Height (c - Blue Sequin): 320mm
Diameter (c - Blue Sequin): 170mm
Height (d - Silver Shimmer Disc): 435mm
Diameter (d - Silver Shimmer Disc): 225mm
Height (e - Pink Sequin): 330mm
Diameter (e - Pink Sequin): 135mm
Height (f - Dark Pink Sequin): 300mm
Diameter (f - Dark Pink Sequin): 180mm
Width (f - Dark Pink Sequin): 240mm

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