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Figure, Buddhist, F43.57

Physical Description

Three ivory figurines mounted on a wooden stand. The wooden stand is of a stylised double lotus throne form which is repeated in the individual stands for figures at either end and a raised pedestal for the central figure. All the figures are of three main parts; a stylised lotus throne base, a figure carved in the half-round and a back plate - all pegged together.

The left hand (proper right) figure is a female dressed in a long gown with long sashes, with necklaces and bare feet. Hair is worn up with a floral headdress. In the left hand is held a vase and in the right is a willow frond. The back plate is engraved with a cloud design. Above the head is an unplugged hole in back plate.

The central figure is a barefoot female in a long gown and sashes with long necklaces. Hair is worn up with an elaborate floral headdress with an image of Buddha in it. One of the pendants of the headdress (right) is partially broken. Figure is holding a bowl with lotus blooms (?). In back plate above head is a hole which has been plugged with a bamboo peg.

The right hand (proper left) figure comes apart at the stand. The figure is a barefoot woman in a long gown and sashes with lotus bloom (?) decoration. Long necklaces. Hair is worn up with floral (?) headdress. Hands hold a bell (?).


Purchased at the sale of D Ferguson by: Mr Percy Halsted


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 160 x 165 x 52mm

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