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Pot, Coffee, Lid, F45.118

Physical Description

Tuscan China coffee pot with lid. Tall body which narrows slightly towards lid. Vertical handle. Spout which attaches near base and curves up to the same height as the top. Decorated in gold and black at top. Background gold pattern of flowers and vines, with black applied silhouettes over top. On one side two figures, one standing, one sitting with an extended fan. On the other side, a figure sitting, fishing. Lid has floral decoration with knob on top.




Maker: R. H. and S.L. Plant


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 140 x 150 x 83mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (a - Pot): 111 x 142 x 85mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (b - Lid): 40 x 55 x 55mm

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