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Sword, Scabbard, Sword, F46.35

Physical Description

Talwar'. Polished, curved, fluted blade. Plain. Inlaid silver floral patterned hilt. Knob-ended short cross-guard. Tapered languet, wide at squared off end. Finger-guard, stylised horse-head at pommel end, decorated inside chevrons. Disc-shaped pommel topped by hemisphered and four-sided pointed projections. Surrounded multi-petalled flower. Blade single-edged, double-edged near point. Brown leather scabbard, decorated circle/floral patterns at ends, one side only. c.f. Stone, pg. 601-2, fig. 770; Egerton pg. 126, pl. XIII, No 652, pg.132.




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (a - Sword): 113 x 905 x 72mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (b - Scabbard): 62 x 800 x 23mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 113 x 938 x 72mm

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