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Knife, Scabbard, F49.114

Physical Description

Dagger - tanto. Guardless hilt bound with rayskin which has shrunk and split along the length. Plain fuchi and kashira in lacquered wood (?). Scabbard with mother-of-pearl dust under lacquer. Sticky tape stuck on in places. Slot for kozuka (which is missing). One side of blade has groove to prevent dagger getting stuck in wound. On other side is a single written character. Gently undulating temper line.




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 476 x 43 x 25mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (a - Knife): 432 x 43 x 25mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (b - Scabbard): 347 x 44 x 32mm
Length (Blade): 30mm

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