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Jug, Box, Music, F59.37

Physical Description

Large glazed jug with wide belly and spout. Figure of a lion forms the handle with the feet forming the terminal. The jug is decorated to commemorate the Coronation of Edward VIII and also functions as a musical object playing 'God Save the King'. The jug is yellow in ground colour and is decorated with green borders on each rim which expand into various sizes of leaves. On one side of the body of the jug is decorated with the British Royal Coat of Arms with an oval shaped portrait of a male figure which is assumed to be King Edward VIII. Above the coat of arms is a small banner which reads "EDWARD VIII CORONATION MAY 12 1937". Below the coat of arms is a red banner which reads "EMPEROR OF INDIA". On the opposite side of the body of the jug is scene of a male figure riding a horse and blowing a trumpet. The rider is set against a background of a castle and other buildings. Above this scene is a banner which reads "GOD SAVE THE KING" and below the rider is written "ABDICATED DEC 10TH 1936". On the base of the vase reads "MADE BY S.FIELDING & CO LTD STOKE ON TRENT, ENGLAND. CROWN DEVON MUSICAL CORONATION JUG LIMITED EDITION OF 1500. THIS JUG NO 24."




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 315 x 235 x 170mm

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