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Sword, Scabbard, F69.418

Physical Description

South American Sword & hilt (blade exported to S.A. & hafted there) suggests modern manufacture , about 60-70 years old. Hilt is incomplete shell of blued steel. The Knucklebow is missing and the remains of the shell have been thoroughly reground and tidied up. the screw retaining the top end of the knuckle bow is missing; blade tang passes through the for its full width and the grip of black (vulcanite) is retained by three brass countersunk and flush ground rivets. blade of blued steel, from 3.5cm at the shoulder but narrowing suddenly to 3cm after 2.3cm. single edged with deep 1cm wide fuller extending to within 23cm of the point. "Bowie" ground point; blade has been roughly sharpened and much blueing removed. There are no blade marks. scabbard of stitched leather with U-shaped steel strap supporting the mouthpiece and secured by four rivets. Blue steel chape.




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (a - Sword): 98 x 754 x 51mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (b - Scabbard): 55 x 657 x 21mm
Maximum Length: 771mm

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