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Jug, F70.175

Physical Description

Small jug with a cylindrical neck, extended spout and angular handle. There is an incised band of decoration around the rim of the mouth. The ground colour of the jug is dark brown with a metallic, glazed finish. The body of the jug has two images against a yellow and white background that extend around the circumference. One scene shows a women in a pink dress seated on a stool with a small child dressed in blue. The corresponding scene shows the same figures, the woman seated and holding a pair of cherries to the small child which stands with their arms outstretched. These scenes are bordered with a thick brown outline and foliage-like decoration.

Loose cardboard label found inside jug (18/12/2013) which reads "A.C. DRAPER Waihola".


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 113 x 120 x 80mm

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