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Book, L2012.2

Physical Description

Ethiopian illustrated book.Book of goat skin pages bound with string between wooden covers covered in leather. According to notes accompanying Solomon's material, the text is in ge'ez, the ancient church language. Written mostly in black ink - symbols written in red ink are holy words, eg. Matthew, mary.
First full page of text, with painted decoration - "All thanks to St Mary" - or is this the faint inscription on the top of the first blank page?
Illustrations. 1. St. Mary with Christ and the 2 angels
2. St Mary with the wise men (?).
3. End of the World - Christ with angels blowing trumpets - each holds a notice - On Left reads "Go to those who didn't obey his order" & on right reads "Come people who obeyed my order" - in Ge'ez.


Per: Mrs M Ross


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 153 x 114 x 289mm

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