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How Wiki Works


Hutton Theatre

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Expert Talk

Everybody uses Wikipedia, and anybody can edit it. So where does all that information come from? How reliable is it? If anyone can edit Wikipedia, why isn’t it riddled with errors and hoaxes? If nobody is in charge, why doesn’t it descend into anarchy? Learn how to assess the reliability of an article, fix mistakes, and what we in New Zealand can do to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of ourselves.

In this talk, Dr Mike Dickison, New Zealand Wikipedian-at-large and former curator of natural history at Whanganui Regional Museum, will also make links to New Zealand museum content and collection items on display at the Otago Museum, and discuss why Wikipedia is important to the future of museums.

You can check out Mike on Wikipedia here.

Credit: Ken Downie / Bauer Media

5.30pm, Tuesday 4 September