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419 Great King Street Dunedin, New Zealand

Late Night Planetarium

Paid admission

Perpetual Guardian Planetarium

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Planetarium Show

Join us for some late-night shows in the Perpetual Guardian Planetarium. We’ll have on offer:

7.30pm – Capcom GO! The Apollo Story (3D) 8.30pm – The Sky Tonight 9:30pm – Sea Monsters

Capcom GO! is an immersive 3D planetarium show documenting the Apollo programme, and what it took to put the first person on the Moon 50 years ago. Discover the story behind this historic moment, which continues to inspire generations of explorers and dreamers.

The Sky Tonight is a live presentation by one of our Science Communicators, which details what you could see if you were to go stargazing in Dunedin that evening. Learn about stars and constellations and how to find them in the night sky, as well as hearing about some fascinating deep space objects.

Sea Monsters will take you back to the time of dinosaurs! Dive into the oceans of the Late Cretaceous to follow Dolly, a curious and adventurous dolichorhynchops, as she travels through the most dangerous seas in history. Along the way, she encounters long-necked plesiosaurs, giant turtles, enormous fish, fierce sharks, and the most dangerous sea monsters of all, the mosasaurs!

7.30pm, 8.30pm, and 9.30pm, Saturday 7 September Shows run for 45 minutes. Admittance to the planetarium is restricted to ages three years and over. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets are available here or from the Museum Shop.