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New Zealand’s Space Law


Hutton Theatre

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Expert Talk

The Outer Space and High-Altitude Activities Act 2017 governs space-based assets that are launched from New Zealand. Prospective launchers must now apply for one of five licences under the Act and provide documentation to the newly established New Zealand Space Agency (NZSA) in order to launch and use their assets in outer space.

Dr Maria Pozza, one of Australasia's foremost experts in Space Law, explains how the legislation provides the Minister of the NZSA with a wide scope of power to approve or disapprove applications for licences.

Find out what the Act is all about and how it effectively ensures that New Zealand adheres to its international legal obligations, especially in light of a number of interesting space activities underway by other countries as well as an increase in activities by commercial entities.

5.30pm, Thursday 9 May

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