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Shark Spy

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Barclay Theatre

Expert Talk

At least ten different species of sharks are found in Otago coastal waters, but very little is known about their population sizes, or where they go, feed, mate, or have their young.

This Sea Week, Rob Lewis, of the University of Otago's New Zealand Marine Studies Centre, discusses the biology, ecology, conservation, and importance of these enigmatic creatures.

A better understanding of the diversity, abundance, and structure of local shark populations will be key to understanding the health of Otago’s local coastal ecosystems in a time of changing climate and oceans.

Hear about findings and feedback from the Otago’s very own Shark Spy project. This local citizen science project collects sightings and information about sharks regionally and nationally.

Find out how you can become a shark reporter/citizen scientist!

5.30pm, Thursday 5 March
Barclay Theatre