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The Oceans and Climate Change


Barclay Theatre

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Expert Talk

The ocean plays an important role in maintaining our global climate, yet the dynamics, chemistry, and biology of the oceans are altering in response to climate change.

For the past ten years, Professor Cliff Law has researched the impacts of changing ocean chemistry that are resulting from the increased uptake of carbon dioxide, and the potential threats of ocean acidification to our waters. In this talk, Cliff will discuss how warming, declining pH, and other climate-related factors may reshape marine ecosystems around New Zealand.

Cliff is Principal Scientist, Marine Biogeochemistry, and leads the Ocean-Climate Interaction Group at NIWA. His research interests in marine trace gas cycling, factors controlling phytoplankton growth, and the impacts of ocean acidification and climate change. He is also a Professor at the University of Otago, teaching undergraduate courses on marine chemistry. Cliff is recognised as a world expert in marine biogeochemistry, coordinating and contributing to several international and national research projects.

5.30pm, Wednesday 18 September
Barclay Theatre