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The World At Night


Hutton Theatre

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Beatrice Hill Tinsley Public Lecture Series 2019

Babak Tafreshi, National Geographic photographer and science journalist, presents a talk about astrophotography, accompanied by stunning imagery.

Bridging science, art, and culture, Babak Tafreshi spent the past two decades capturing surreal scenes of the night sky on an adventurous journey to the world at night, where the wonders of earth and sky merge.

Tafreshi is founder and director of The World At Night, which he will also discuss in this talk. This programme brings together many of the world's best nightscape photographers to document the last skies on the planet free from light pollution, increasing public awareness of our disappearing natural night environment, and its benefit for all organisms.

This public talk is hosted by the Dunedin Astronomical Society, in association with the Otago Institute of the Arts and Sciences, and Otago Museum, as part of the Beatrice Hill Tinsley lecture series, bringing internationally renowned astronomy talks to New Zealand communities. Beatrice Hill Tinsley was a Professor of Astronomy at Yale University, and among many other things, discovered that galaxies are both changing and interacting with one another, proving that the universe is still evolving.

4pm, Monday 28 October
Hutton Theatre