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Family Fun

Lost – Flash and the Big Brown Bears (11 minutes) Join Flash the intrepid wildlife photographer on an exciting adventure. While photographing albatross off the Otago coast, Flash’s plane is caught in a storm and crash-lands in the middle of a grizzly bear buffet in Alaska – where Flash is the main course!

Orangutan Jungle School – The Misfits (48 minutes) In Borneo, at the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation project in the world, orphaned orangutans progress through the unique Jungle School system. Displaced from their rainforest home due to deforestation and other threats, these orangutans must learn how to be wild again.

In this episode, it’s all watery fun and games with Valentino, Yutris and friends when they visit a flooded part of the forest. It’s a huge day for the three quarantined infants, as some important medical results arrive. Teenage females Ayu, Ruthie and Kesi are selected to move to the wilder Bangamat Island – taking a step closer to release. Back at base, a new arrival creates a sensation, as the world’s rarest orangutan starts a new life at Orangutan Jungle School.

Part of the Wild Dunedin Film Festival and with thanks to NHNZ.

2.30pm daily, Tuesday 23 April to Friday 26 April

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