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The Cameron Collection: Avatar

Paid admission

Perpetual Guardian Planetarium

Film Screening

Join us in the Perpetual Guardian Planetarium for part one of six of The Cameron Collection. Screening on the first Thursday of every month during the exhibition James Cameron – Challenging the Deep.

This month, we are screening the epic science fiction film Avatar.

Set in the mid-22nd century, human beings are colonising a habitable moon within a nearby solar system, in order to mine unobtanium. The mining threatens the indigenous humanoid species, the Na’vi, and we follow a genetically engineered Na’vi body, that is operated remotely by a human, as they interact with the local Na’vi tribe.

One of Cameron’s most well-known films, Avatar quickly became the highest-grossing film of all time. Enjoy the Academy Award-winning cinematography on the dome screen.

Rated M. Run time 2h 42m.

Tickets are available from Otago Museum Shop or online. Popcorn and drinks will be available for purchase.

The Cameron Collection screens on the first Thursday of each month during the exhibition (except January). Aug 1: Avatar Sept 5: Terminator 1 / Terminator 2 (back-to-back) Oct 3: Titanic Nov 7: True Lies Dec 5: Aliens Feb 6: The Abyss

7.00pm, Thursday, 1 August

Adults $15 Children $10

Rated M. Run time 2h 42m