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These activities are focused on introducing the scientific method to young children in your preschool. You can also find an empty template document to download and complete with any new activities that you develop in your classroom. If you do develop a new activity please let us know so we can include it here! Click on the topic to download the activity sheets.

Activities to do with Kia Rapua Science Playground

Activities to do in your preschool


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If you are a preschool educator interested in the Kia Rapua – Science Playground project please get in touch with Science Engagement Coordinator Nathalie Wierdak


Further Links

Peep -
Peep and the Big Wide World is an animated series that aims to teach science and maths to preschool children (3–5 year olds). Their website contains games and videos but also has a large section dedicated to educators with a science curriculum based on the themes of colour, plants, ramps, shadows, sound and water. There is a huge amount of content on the website with many simple activities and ideas as well as information on different recommended teaching strategies. 

Science from the Start -
Project to engage children under 5 in science run by a scientist and science educator. Link is to the activities developed with funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry on ‘Messy Play’, ‘Creative Science’ and ‘Play Dough’.

Science Sparks -  
Website with free simple ideas for preschool and primary school science that also have a strong creative/art link. Some of these work through the scientific method and suggest good questions for coming up with predictions and hypotheses.

Science Learning Hub -
If you want to learn some more science yourself Science Learning Hub has a really good collection of short, easy to understand articles on different science topics and concepts, including pictures, diagrams and videos.