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At School

Tūhura Show: 30-minute at-school science show
Ages 5+

Our 30-minute show designed for the whole school explores how mātauraka Māori and science help us understand the world around us and our place in the universe; and, of course, no show would be complete without an explosion or two. 

Special Programmes
Primary & Secondary, from Year 4 and up | Free*

If you’re after something more hands-on, our outreach team can deliver a 45 – 60 minute programme of interactive science demonstrations for up to 25 students. These programmes are themed around specific content.

Far From Frozen
Explore climate change - what it is and how it happens - through the work of scientists in the coldest, driest, windiest place on Earth: Antarctica. Learn what we can do to fight Earth’s greatest challenge.

Solar Tsunamis – Parawhenua Kōmaru
Experiment with magnetism, make some electricity, and then scale up to the celestial level to explore how the plasma from our star interacts with our planet’s magnetic field to produce aurora…and potentially pose a serious issue to our power grid and communication network. This is based on cutting edge research being done right now in Aotearoa to prevent negative impacts of solar tsunamis! 

Tūhura Tuarangi
Aotearoa NZ’s STEM innovation knows no bounds, and this programme proves not even gravity can keep it on Earth! Your students will explore how Aotearoa is leading the way in space innovation, from satellite monitoring techniques to rocket design.

Light Up Your Life
Lasers, lenses, and luminous chemicals – your students will get hands-on with investigations into the nature of light, what we use it for, and how it holds the key to the next major leap in future tech! This programme ties in well with physics investigations. 

Active Science
Jumping rope, juggling, or just a game of tag is as good for our brain as it is for our body – let your students get hands on to understand the science behind moving their bodies.   

The Future is Nano
It turns out great things come in extremely small packages: nanomaterials are revolutionising the way we live and work! Get your students curious about how properties change on the nanoscale, what we currently use nanoparticles for, and what lies ahead! This programme ties in well with chemistry investigations.  

Please note: while we endeavour to keep our programmes free, some costs may be involved depending on your location. Get in touch to find out more!