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Hints and Tips from OUR SPONSORS

Canon New Zealand
is proud to continue to support and sponsor the Tūhura Photography Competition. 

Ole Hansen, Canon South Island Territory Manager says, "It is an honour to support such an outstanding event. The high calibre of entries and outstanding quality of the work submitted each year continues to inspire us."


Here are a few tips to help you get even better wildlife photos this year.


Get to know your subject

Having knowledge of the habitat and behaviour of the animal you are photographing is vitally important. Knowing the time of year and day a species is active will help with your shoot preparation. Great wildlife images are rarely taken without knowledge and planning.


Get in close 

Most great wildlife images show the action close-up. Physically getting close to wildlife usually results in behavioural changes, or worse, scaring them off completely. Using a long lens is essential to produce images that show the action in detail. Then crop your final image to get even closer.


Speed matters 

Getting your shutter speed right is a key part of capturing flawless wildlife images. The logical step when shooting fast-moving action is to raise the shutter speed, and in many instances, this is the right thing to do. However, you may want to introduce a little blur by using a slower shutter speed, on the tips of a bird’s wing for example, to add a sense of movement.


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