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Several Hundred Specimens of Parasitic Worms Donated to the Otago Museum

Several hundred specimens from over 60 known species of parasites have been donated to the Otago Museum by the University of Otago’s Evolutionary and Ecological Parasitology group.

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stamp featured

est. 1868: A Fascinating Face

In 1862, two years before it was official practice, the Dunedin postmaster began perforating sheets of Queen Victoria stamps. Honorary Curator Melville Carr takes a closer look at the many different designs used during the monarch's long reign.

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darius alexander

est. 1868: Alexander and Darius

Despite its tiny size, this painting has many stories to tell. Honorary Curator Robert Hannah explores its history.

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Sky Guide: April

Welcome to the Sky Guide, your monthly guide to what's happening in the heavens!

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20th Otago Wildlife Photography Exhibition Opening Saturday

Otago Museum is looking forward to marking the 20th anniversary of the Otago Wildlife Photography Competition with a new medium and a new venue for the exhibition.

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est. 1868: The fossil that fuelled a deadly disaster

Found preserved in rocks in Westland’s Grey Valley, this fossil leaf is a reminder of the worst industrial disaster in New Zealand’s history. Honorary Curator Rosi Crane digs into its deadly past.

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red queen race

A world with no parasites: sustainable or not?

Parasites often get a bad rap, but these tiny species are an important part of our planet's ecosystems. Research Officer Anusha Beer explains why.

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balmain featured

est. 1868: The story behind our Balmain dress

A fine example of haute couture can be found in the rarest category of est. 1868. Honorary Curator Jane Malthus explains how a 1948 Balmain dress ended up in the Otago Museum collection.

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neptunes cup

Soaking Up the Attention

Dive into Seaweek 2019 (2 to 10 March) with a trip to Animal Attic to view our collection of sea sponges. Collection Officer, Natural Science On Lee Lau tells us more about these unusual marine invertebrates.

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Sky Guide: March

Welcome to the Sky Guide, your monthly guide to what's happening in the heavens!

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